Sing-Along Books

Let’s face it: even the best picture books become a drag after the hundredth time reading them. It’s a struggle because as a parent, you want to engender a love of reading to your child, and you know that if you are bored out of your mind, your kid is going to pick up on that, too. What has helped me get out of reading ruts is changing up the usual picture books with books that are meant to be sung. After seeing her enthusiasm for Over in the Meadow, we decided to add a few more sing-along books to our home library. I thought I’d share a few of my toddler’s favorites here.


Puff the Magic Dragon was one of my favorite songs as a child, so I was delighted to learn that Peter Yarrow helped put it into picture book format, complete with a CD. Watch the video below to hear the song from the CD and see illustrations from the book.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.39.50 AM

My Favorite Things illustrates the beautiful imagery from the song of the same title in The Sound of Music. This book is so loved by our daughter that we have to keep it hidden when we’re not ready to read it, or else she would insist it be the one and only book sung to her.


Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose is a beautiful showcase of the art of Scott Gustafson. There are about fifty nursery rhymes in this book, and I’m always amazed that my 16 month old will patiently sit through all of them. Many of the nursery rhymes are meant to be sung, such as Old King Cole, Sing a Song of Sixpence, and Hey, Diddle, Diddle. If you’re not sure how to sing some of the more obscure rhymes, let me point you to my favorite nursery rhyme movie from childhood (part 1 of 7):


Baa Baa Black Sheep isn’t nearly so lovely as the others, but it’s still much loved in this house. I think the repetition of the verses must be soothing.

Do you have any sing-along books you’d like to share? I’d love to hear recommendations!


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