Five Parenting Resolutions for 2015


Inspiration from YHL.

1. Take more pictures and create family yearbooks. I’m working on finishing 2014’s album, and I am determined to print one each year. It is incredibly time consuming and expensive, but I remember how much I loved pouring over our family albums as a kid. I don’t have access to any of those albums and hardly have any pictures from my childhood, so it’s important to me to pass this on to my children. Since the albums are created digitally, I’ll be able to print copies of each album for my kids to take with them when they have homes of their own.


2. Potty Train by Age 2. Go ahead, have a good laugh at this one. I can wait. Are you done? Okay, I know this goal just screams first-time-parent naivete, but hear me out. Until the 1960’s, 90% of children were daytime potty trained by the age of 2 (source). Many modern Americans seem to harbor this mistaken idea that early potty training must be psychologically harmful, but that has no basis in fact. I think there’s something to be said for potty training when a toddler is still eager to please, and there is even a study that suggests that potty training at an early age might be better for helping maintain bladder control during early childhood. Adam Savage’s motto, “Failure is always an option,” will probably never ring more true, but we are still resolved to introduce the potty early and see if this kid will cooperate.

artworkThe Mermaid and the Shoe

3. Read longer, more complex books aloud. We’re firmly in the board book stage right now, and the repetition is slowly driving me insane. I’m really looking forward to regular hardcover books that are a little more sophisticated. Yes, I just described toddler books as sophisticated. Welcome to my world.


4. Stay strong in our commitment to no screen time. So far, we’ve been successful in our goal of not sitting the baby down in front of the television or letting her have the iPad. It is a constant test of our willpower to not give in, but after reading a thorough summary of the research concerning screen time’s effects on young children, this is an ideal we feel compelled to uphold for as long as we can.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 4.01.05 PMThe view from a local hike.

5. Plan more family adventures. We live in such a beautiful area that it should be a crime that we don’t take more family excursions. I am definitely feeling some cabin fever and can’t wait for the weather to warm up. Last summer, the baby was so young and suffered from such severe reflux that we only took her on short walks. This summer, we’re definitely going to do some real hiking using the Ergo.

I think that sums up the major parenting goals I want to accomplish this year. Is there anything you’re putting at the top of your resolution list this year?


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