Welcome to my hearth

epicurean (epi-cure-ee-ann) – a follower of Greek philosophy that is based upon the teachings of Epicurus; epicureanism espouses the belief that the surest way to achieving happiness is to live a wise and virtuous life.

hearth (harth) – the fireplace, known for centuries as the center of the home and the source of warmth, light and food.

Epicurean philosophy struggles to answer the question, “What is the good life? How do we attain it?” In this blog, I’ll talk about how we are trying to live the good life with a baby in tow. What is virtue? How can we lead our child toward our shared goal of a fulfilled life? How did baby stuff completely take over our living room? This will also be a deposit for book reviews, homeschool curriculum, observations about mommy wars, and other adventures in parenting. Stay tuned!


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